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How to participate

Information about the submission of results and their format will be available on Google groups.

We invite potential participants to subscribe to our Google group in order to be kept up to date with the latest news related to the task. Please share comments and questions with the Google group. The organizers will assist you for any potential issues that could be raised.

Participants will be required to provide a technical report including a brief description of their approach, an illustration of their experiments, in particular techniques and resources used, and an analysis of their results for their publication in the Proceedings of the task.


Technical reports will be published in IberLEF 2021 Proceedings at

Instructions for system descriptions’ papers 

 The proceedings of the workshop will be named: 

  Proceedings of the Iberian Languages Evaluation Forum (IberLEF 2021)

All system description papers will be part of the official IberLEF Proceedings that will be published at ( 

Instructions for authors: 

  • System description papers should be formatted according to the Springer Conference Proceedings style: Latex and Word templates can be found there. 

  • The minimum length of a regular paper should be 5 pages. There is no maximum page limit. 

  • Papers must be written in English. 

  •  Each paper must include a copyright footnote on the first page of each paper: {\let\thefootnote\relax\footnotetext{Copyright \textcopyright\ 2021 for this paper by its authors. Use permitted under Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). }}  

  • Eliminate the numbering in the pages of the paper, if there is one, and make sure that there are no headers or footnotes, except the mandatory copyright as a footnote on the first page. 

  • Authors should be described with their name and their full affiliation (university and country). Names must be complete (no initials), e.g.  “Soto Pérez” instead of “S. Pérez”.  

  • Titles of papers should be in emphatic capital English notation, i.e., "Filling an Author Agreement by Autocompletion" rather than "Filling an author agreement by autocompletion". 

  • At least one author of each paper must sign the CEUR copyright agreement. Instructions and templates can be found at The signed form must be sent along with the paper to the task organizers. 

Please, check the papers for text reuse/plagiarism. We would like to stress this point as CEUR is quite strict about it. Any paper found with plagiarized content will be rejected without further consideration.

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